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How long before travelling do I need a test?

If you’re booking for travel purposes most countries require a PCR Sample to be taken no more than 72 hours of your departure. #

However if your flight is delayed this may cause issues if you take your swab at 72 hours from the scheduled departure time. For this reason, we recommend taking the sample at 70 hours, to allow for a 2 hour flight delay. If you are traveling abroad, you will have to follow the coronavirus rules in the place you travel to which may be more than just a negative PCR swab. This may include self-isolating, providing your details to local authorities, testing for coronavirus, or even restrictions on entry.

We offer full details on our intructions page for postal test timings and postal cutoffs for flights, please click here for details

You should check the COVID-19 foreign travel guidance before you travel.

You should also check with your airline in case they have any specific policies in place. #



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