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Is it still mandatory to take a day 8 test if I test negative for COVID-19 with Test to Release on day 5?

Yes, although you may receive a negative result on day 5, this is an additional test to day 2 & 8, not a replacement. So it is still mandatory to swab on day 8 in line with government guidance.

What if I test positive for COVID-19 for the day 2 or 8 tests?

In the rare circumstance that your day 2 or 8 test results are returned as positive, you must treat this as you would any other positive result for COVID-19 and quarantine for a further 10 days from the date of the test. The requirements for this are set out on any results certificates for positive results. We will automatically report your positive result to Public Health England and

If your test shows that you have a variant of coronavirus known as a ‘variant of concern’ you will get an additional call and anyone you have been in contact with will be asked to be tested.

Please see the government website for more information.



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