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What are the key steps to ensure my sample is tested?

We recommend reading the lab request form/instructions carefully and following all steps listed to ensure that your sample is correctly taken and returned with the right information.

We regularly see a number of issues when people return swabs, and unfortunately their samples can’t be tested, so make sure you follow the instructions carefully and follow our guidance below:

  • Take extra care to write the date and time that you performed the swab in the appropriate sections on the lab request form included with your swab kit.
  • Please include the lab request form in the grey return packet, we can’t test the sample without the form.
  • Please also read the instructions and complete the writing required on the swab tube itself (Name, date of birth and date you performed the swab).
  • Where multiple people are testing in your household, you MUST ensure that the barcoded vial number beginning with CRNA or LC is kept with the correct form (the same barcode is on the form). If samples arrive with the wrong form they will be rejected by the lab.
  • Ensure the lid of the swab tube is tight, we test the liquid in the tube, not the swab itself, so if it leaks we are unable to test.


Following the above steps will help you to correctly complete your swab test and get you away on your travels!



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