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What does “No Process” on my results mean?

Our lab process all samples they are able to test, but unfortunately do have to reject samples from time to time.
A “No Process” result is where our lab are unable to test a sample and cannot therefore report a result.
The reasons we can’t test a sample are:
  • No sample date/time written on the order form by the customer
  • Sample date is outside of the 7 days processing window
  • Order form is missing from the pack returned by the customer
  • Name on the order form does not match the hand written name on the swab
  • DOB is different on the form to the DOB on the swab
If you have a “No Process” result, your sample is not allowed to be tested under UK lab guidance and must be disposed of. You should reschedule your travel and rebook your swab test.
We do not offer refunds for no process results, as they are outside of our control.



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