Please ensure you follow your instructions as failure to do so may invalidate your results


Dropoff Instructions

You’re now able to drop your sample at one of our dedicated collect and drop sites across the North of England. This ensures that your sample reaches our lab the same day that you drop (when you do so by 6:30am) and receive your results the very same day by 8pm.

The process:

  • Seal the biobag (do not include the lab request form in the biobag) then place the lab request from and biobag together in the grey return envelope.
  • Return your kit to one of our dropoff sites located across the North of England – listed below –  before 6:30am daily.
  • Return your results by 8pm the same working day if you use one of our drop boxes.


Our dropoff locations are…


These hotels are unable to assist with enquiries relating to the use of the dropboxes directly.

Please consult the Instructions & FAQs section of the website, or contact us at [email protected] or use the HELP button at the bottom left of your screen for queries.

Thank you


LivingCare Head Office
4215 Park Approach
Thorpe Park,
LS15 8GB




Please note: designated parking spaces are available at each of these sites but there are ANPR parking cameras and free parking is limited to 15 minutes. Please ensure you do not stay longer than 15 minutes or you may receive a parking fine from the car park operators.

Thank you

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