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For “Rest of World” list countries if you’re not fully vaccinated.

Our LivingCare day 2 & 8 testing is UK Government approved (through the lab Oncologica), and offers reliable testing upon return to the UK. If you’re travelling from “Rest of the world” list country/territory and you’re not double vaccinated, you require our day 2 & 8 test upon arrival to the UK. Please research your own requirements on the site.

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Our LivingCare day 2 & 8 testing is UK Government approved (through the lab Oncologica), and offers reliable testing upon return to the UK.

If you’re travelling from an amber list country (or the “Rest of the world”, rest of world list applies from 4am on 4th of October only) and you’re not fully vaccinated, you require this test.

Our lab partner is a Government-approved UKAS applied provider for Test to Release.

Our tests are posted out to you with Tracked 24 hour postage, and can be returned in any Royal Mail Priority Postbox – We even provide the returns label with Tracked 24 hour postage. Our home testing for day 2  is easy, hassle free and reliable!

We do not offer testing for red list arrivals.

What is day 2/8 testing?

In line with the UK Government guidance, it is compulsory to perform Day 2/Day 2 & 8 Covid-19 tests after international travel based on the traffic light system for travel.

For green list arrivals, you just require a day 2 test with no quarantine.

For amber list arrivals if you’re unvaccinated you need both day 2 and day 8 test as well as 10 day quarantine.

For vaccinated arrivals from amber countries, you should follow the rules for green list arrivals above.

There are specific requirements for these tests, and they aren’t just a normal PCR. You must book from an approved provider such as LivingCare. The tests are:

Day 2: On or before day 2 – Variant surveillance PCR test including genomic sequencing on any positive results

Day 8: On or after day 8 – A PCR test to check if you have coronavirus.

Passenger locator form explained

Please note: To complete your passenger locator form, you will require a reference number from us – This is the kit code listed under your orders beginning with “FUTUR”. It is not your order number. These numbers are assigned by our team when processing your order, normally the same day when ordered Monday-Friday within office hours. For kits ordered over a weekend, this will normally be assigned the next working day (usually a Monday). So please order your kits in good time.

Green, amber and red list countries

For a list of countries travel traffic light status, please visit the government website here: Click here

What do I do if I’m travelling from a ‘red list’ country?

LivingCare do not offer testing for travellers returning from red list countries, please visit the government website to book through the red list travel testing provider.

What do I need to do before I travel to England?

If you’re travelling from a green or amber country and haven’t visited or transited through a country on the UK government red list in the 10 days before returning to England, you must:

  • Take a COVID-19 test and have a certificate of negative result during the 3 days before you travel – This allows you to enter the UK.
  • Book a day 2 or day 2 and 8 test package (Day 2 only for green list countries, day 2 and 8 package for amber list countries) with LivingCare. This includes the relevant tests required and also return postage for both tests. We will post the kits out to your address with tracked 24 hour postage.
  • You must complete a passenger locator form which includes details of the location of your quarantine address in the UK, and the day 2/ day 2 and 8 test package booking reference number. This number can be found on your online account with LivingCare.

What happens if I provide incorrect information or don’t quarantine?

You can receive substantial fines. Please check the government website for further information.

Where can I book a day 2 and 8 testing or day 2 testing package?

LivingCare are a government approved provider of general COVID-19 testing, as well as day 2 and day 8 testing packages.

Is testing on day 2 and 8 for unvaccinated travellers following returning to England from an amber list compulsory?

Yes, before travelling to England from an amber list country, everyone who hasn’t visited or passed through a country on the red list in the 10 days before arriving must book and pay for a Travel Test Package, which will includes COVID-19 tests to be taken on or before day 2 and on or after day 8 of your quarantine.

When can I leave quarantine?

Upon arrival in England, it is important that you go directly to your quarantine location and self isolate for 10 days. You are not permitted to leave quarantine for work or leisure.

You must not leave quarantine until you have received a negative day 8 test result AND quarantined for the full 10 day quarantine period. Please see further information on the government website.

You can leave quarantine early if you receive a negative test result on or after day 5 through the Test to Release programme. You can book a Test to Release test through the LivingCare website.

Even if you test negative through Test to Release and finish your quarantine early, you still need to take your day 8 test.

Can I leave quarantine early if my day 8 test is negative?

No, even if your day 8 test is negative, you must stay in quarantine until day 10.

When do I do my day 2 and 8 tests?

You can perform your day 2 test any time on or before day 2 after arriving in England. You can take your day 8 test on or after day 8.

Does Test to Release day 5 allow me to leave quarantine early?

Day 5 test to release is an optional extra swab for those travelling from amber countries to be able to break quarantine early following a negative result for day 5. Test to release is available from LivingCare, and is a PCR test on top of day 2 & 8.

You may leave quarantine early as soon as you get a negative result for day 5 (our results are issued within 24 hours of receipt at the lab). It is important however that if you get any symptoms of COVID-19 at any time after leaving quarantine that you follow government advice for symptoms of COVID-19 including booking a symptomatic COVID-19 test.

Is it still mandatory to take a day 8 test if I test negative for COVID-19 with Test to Release on day 5?

Yes, although you may receive a negative result on day 5, this is an additional test to day 2 & 8, not a replacement. So it is still mandatory to swab on day 8 in line with government guidance.

What if I test positive for COVID-19 for the day 2 or 8 tests?

In the rare circumstance that your day 2 or 8 test results are returned as positive, you must treat this as you would any other positive result for COVID-19 and quarantine for a further 10 days from the date of the test. The requirements for this are set out on any results certificates for positive results. We will automatically report your positive result to Public Health England and

If your test shows that you have a variant of coronavirus known as a ‘variant of concern’ you will get an additional call and anyone you have been in contact with will be asked to be tested.

Please see the government website for more information.

Does the day 2 test include “genomic sequencing”?

The minimum requirements for day 2 testing include the need to sequence any positive tests to identify the strain of infection. This is mandatory for all day 2 tests, and all day 2 tests from LivingCare include this at no extra charge.

Where can I find the passenger locator form?

You can find more information on the passenger locator form on the government website.

Can I leave my quarantine location to collect or conduct my COVID-19 test?

Yes, you are permitted to leave your quarantine location to collect or conduct your COVID-19 test but you are required to return to your quarantine location as soon as this is complete.

Can I just take a day 2 test?

Yes, for green list countries or if you’re fully vaccinated and travelling from an amber list country, you may take a day 2 test only. For amber countries for unvaccinated travellers, both day 2 and 8 are compulsory.

Where can I find more information about quarantine requirements?

For details of quarantine requirements set out by the UK Government, please see the government website.

What happens if I don’t quarantine or provide incorrect information?

You can receive substantial fines. Please check the government website for further information.


Our lab process results 24/7 and all tests will be processed within 24 hours after our lab receive them – subject to the samples only needing to be tested once.
Please note: The samples may need to be tested more than once (this could be due to low levels of sample collection, which may be caused by a number of variables) which could cause a delay in results being issued.

The time our lab receives your test may vary upon the return method you choose to use, please see below:
Drop Box: If you use one of our LivingCare drop boxes you will receive your results anytime up to 12noon the following day when dropped before 06:30 AM.
Royal Mail: If you have used a Royal Mail priority Postbox we advise you track these and once they have been received by the lab these will be processed and results can be issued anytime up to 24hours later.
Please note: During busy periods delays are expected with Royal Mail postage, LivingCare cannot control the delivery once it is with Royal Mail. Please use you tracking information with Royal Mail.


Please see further information on the government website. If you’re travelling to ScotlandWales or Northern Ireland, you’ll need to follow separate guidelines.

We issue a digital PDF certificate, meaning you can easily produce it when required, and our lab is accredited by the MHRA and UKAS. We are also UKAS applied.

For all your PCR travel testing needs, LivingCare have you covered. We use our reliable lab partner, click and drop sites, as well as tracked Royal Mail delivery to ensure your testing is as easy and as smooth as possible.

*We pay for tracked24 postage with Royal Mail, however this may be delayed by Royal Mail – LivingCare hold no responsibility for postal delays.


We do not offer refunds for our day 2 day 8 test kits once your passenger locator form code is assigned and your order has been dispatched. This is to prevent fraudulent use of our services. Please consider this when booking these kits.

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